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Welcome to different religions
the emotional feelings network of sites!

why did I design different religions?

This site was developed when I came to the realization in my personal growth recovery journey that many of my decisions in my lifetime were based on the convictions that I had about God. Many of the traumas I survived were intensely traumatic because my beliefs were being compromised.
Having lived a lifetime of domestic violence - even in childhood - I couldn't make sense of how people who most deeply affected my life could believe in God or have any convictions about religion when they were acting out the way they were. How could a parent be abusive to a child and then go to church every Sunday as if nothing was wrong?
How could a person have an abortion or force someone they had control over to have an abortion if they didn't believe in abortion - if in fact that controller was a Christian?
It seemed that throughout my lifetime the institution of marriage was quickly dissolving as the divorce rate rose higher and higher. Didn't people have any convictions about the institution of marriage?
These questions and more were plaguing me when my goal was to go back into my past to resolve many unresolved emotions and feelings I had during traumas, crises, disasters, car accidents and other dysfunctional experiences and relationships that touched me.


I had been exposed to many different religions while I was growing up. It seemed that most of my family members were very open about religions and they didn't persecute anyone who was of a different religion. This allowed me to have a never ending sense of curiosity concerning different religions and God as well as what people refer to as their Higher Power.
I found myself coming to a point in my recovery that I needed to establish - for my own peace of mind -  what I would establish my belief system to be concerning religion. While I do believe in God, I am no longer interested in participating in an organized religion. My reason for this is that I am aware of the power involved in religious denominations. It seems that my judgment hasn't been very good in the past concerning choosing an organized religion to belong to because the last few I joined weren't appropriate in the eyes of God. You can read more about my experiences within this site.
I did experience a very long time of Spiritual Abuse. This was during a very difficult transition in my life and it was almost as painful realizing that the church I joined was nothing more than a dangerous cult. I am very leery of churches that take in people who are in "a life transition" and suffering greatly. 

Are you struggling to resolve feelings about your religious preferences?
Send me an e-mail if you want to chat about it or just say hello or ask any questions! I'm always eager to chat and share ideas and beliefs! 

If you have experienced Spiritual Abuse and would like to find out more about it, click here to visit abuse 101's Spiritual Abuse page!